Ampersand, symbol of optimism —
Bears the name of a neologism.
Heals disharmony and schism,
With its natural magnetism.

Ampersand, symbol of heroism —
Gather typographers and quiz ’em.
They’ll say they breathe individualism
Into this animate organism.

Ampersand, alphabetical prism —
A spectrum of uses, that’s a truism.
Used in nature and consumerism,
In war, peace, avarice, altruism.

Ampersand, mediates dualism —
Reconciles antagonism,
Furthers humanitarianism,
As an all-embracing witticism.


“Optimism” ©2017 Nancy Upper

Ampersand by Fabio Foncati
Ampersand designed in 2010 by Fabio Foncati for Font Aid IV: Coming Together, a collaborative font created by the Society of Typographic Afficionados (SOTA) to benefit victims of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

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