About Nancy Upper

Like the ampersand, Nancy Upper is a connector. Energy, initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness define her. Upper began her career connecting with audiences, as a professional ballet dancer. Her book, Ballet Dancers in Career Transition: Sixteen Success Stories (McFarland, 2004), changed her career ascent from dancer to writer and presenter. Upper’s forthcoming book, Power of Ampersand, joins her connective talents with ampersand strength to launch The Uppersand™.

Uppersand™ Blogs

2020.03.24 Cowichan Valley distilleries make hand sanitizer IMAGE accompanying article | Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 7.25.48 PM

Now is the Time for All Good Distilleries to Come to the Aid of Their Country*

Two Cowichan Valley distilleries — Ampersand and Stillhead — devised ingenious responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cowichan Valley is a region around the Cowichan River, Cowichan Bay, and Cowichan Lake…


Ampersand Pretzels

Two things everyone loves are pretzels and ampersands. Bring the two together and you have a sold-out house.   September 19, 2019, pretzels, ampersands, and graphic designers merged in the…

ampersand_clean (no texture) - Matt VERGOTIS 09Dec2012

Hidden Depths

In December 2012, on Dribbble (with three “b”s), the online community where graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and photographers showcase new work, I discovered an unusual ampersand. It appeared to…