About Nancy Upper

Like the ampersand, Nancy Upper is a connector. Energy, initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness define her. Upper began her career connecting with audiences, as a professional ballet dancer. Her book, Ballet Dancers in Career Transition: Sixteen Success Stories (McFarland, 2004), changed her career ascent from dancer to writer and presenter. Upper’s forthcoming book, Power of Ampersand, joins her connective talents with ampersand strength to launch The Uppersand™.

Uppersand™ Blogs

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WAD Happened September 8, 2022

Thursday, September 8, 2022, World Ampersand Day dawned for the first time in history. The date gained fame in 2015 when typographer and graphic designer Chaz DeSimone, founder and principal…

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Shoulders of Friends

  When we read, thoughts remote from the words on the page or screen often pop into our minds. In the unlikely moment of reading how Muscovites celebrated winter holidays…

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Flatten the Curve

Theater removes us from the warp and weft of reality and allows us to escape into other lives. Lighting, sets, and actors pull us from our theater seats through the…