About Uppersand™

NANCY UPPER  •   Founder & Creative Director

Uppersand™ is an enterprise devoted the history, typography, and worldwide uses of the ampersand.

Uppersand is for —

  • Designers who make ampersands and create with them.
  • Businesses with the ampersand name, the ampersand symbol in the name, and ampersand brands.
  • Marketers who promote ampersand enterprises.
  • Educators who teach the skill of making connections.

Uppersand informs —

  • The more you know about the ampersand symbol, word, and meanings, the more effectively you will use them.
  • Uppersand™ blog posts, podcasts, presentations, projects, and publications give you the full story of ampersand history, uses, and value — from the dawn of writing to this day in your life.

Uppersand connects —

  • Uppersand™ means ampersands, and like smiles and handshakes, ampersands connect you to people and opportunities.
  • Uppersand™’s global network strengthens your life, your work, and the world.

Uppersand acts —
Inaugural projects :

Uppersand grows —
As Uppersand™ snowballs around the world, our ampersand projects expand to include :

  • Uppersand™ Radio
  • Contests
  • Book series
  • Films
  • Events
  • Products

→ Watch uppersand.com for invitations !

NANCY UPPER    Uppersand™ Founder & Creative Director

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